ADAM HALL, Optički kabl TOSLINK 10m, K3-DTOS4M1000

34,00 KM

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TOSLINK is a standardized optical fibre connection system. Toslink optical cable is a fibre optical cable that carries digital audio data in the form of light pulses, rather then using electricity. Using these light pulses has the advantage that you can eliminate some of the distortions caused by imperfections of inductance, capacitance and resistance in some copper based cables. An optical cable is virtually impervious to magnetic or electrical interference.

Tehničke specifikacije
Product type: Pre-assembled Cables
Type: TOSLink cable
Cable Length: 10 m
Cable colour: Black
Cable diameter: 4.0 mm
Connector 1: TOSLink (F05)
Connector 2: TOSLink (F05)

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