AUDAC, Zidni panel za ARES5A MIC/LINE, WP-205/W

158,00 KM

  • Elegant design to blend in with any environment
  • Compatible with EU (80×80 mm) installation materials
  • Signal transmission over twisted pair (CAT5E) or better cabling
  • Signal transmission insensitive for interferrence and noise
    The WP205 is a remote wall mixer that is meant to be used in combination with the ARES5A active speaker system. It converts the signal coming from a stereo line-level audio source (such as a tuner, mobile devices, … ) or balanced microphone to the level corresponding to the differential signal input on the ARES5A (RJ45) making it possible to transfer high-quality audio over long distances between the wall panel and the loudspeaker, by just using inexpensive twisted-pair CAT5e or better cabling. On the front side of the wall panel, there is a 3.5 mm jack stereo line input connection available together with a balanced XLR microphone input, both provided with their own knob which allows the signals to be mixed together.

    The WP205 is available in 2 colours (White – RAL9003 & Black – RAL9005) and is compatible with most standard EU (80×80 mm) style in-wall boxes for solid and hollow walls. With the Elegant ABS front panel with Acrylic (PMMA) glass finish, it will blend into any environment.

Tehničke Specifikacije

Technical specifications

Available models
WP205/B  Black version
WP205/W  White version
System specifications
Outputs Level +12 dB
Inputs Wall Panel Type 3.5 mm jack stereo line input connection
XLR microphone input connection
Connection 3.5 mm jack input (Stereo line input)
Female XLR input connector (Microphone input)
8-pin terminal block (3.81 mm pitch) output connection
Control Individual input level control for Mic & Line
Phantom power (DIP switch on rear)
Low-cut (Mic) enable / disable (DIP switch on rear)
Mono / Stereo (DIP switch on rear)
Product Features
Dimensions 80 x 80 mm (W x H) (Remote wall panel)
Colours Black (RAL9005) (WP205/B)
White (RAL9003) (WP205/W)
Front finish Elegant ABS front panel with Acrylic (PMMA) glass finish
Accessories Optional Surface mount Installation boxes WB200 - Surface mount wall box for WP & DWP series
Flush mount Installation boxes Flush mount box for 45 x 45 mm wall panel - Solid wall - WB45S/FS
Flush mount box for 45 x 45 mm wall panel - Hollow wall - WB45S/FG
Recommended applications
Bars & Restaurants

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