CAYMON, Napajanje za rack 19” 9U, PSR-529G

398,00 KM


The PSR529 series includes a switchable LED rack light, two front USB jacks and a 16 Amps circuit breaker on the front panel of the unit. Power surge & spike protection is offered by the internal protector network, while a voltage and current indicator allow continuous voltage and power consumption monitoring. Power distribution for up to nine devices is made possible using the rear output sockets.

Tehničke Specifikacije
Dimensions 483 x 44.7 mm (W x H) (with mounting ears)
Cable length 2.5 m
Unit height 1 HE
Weight 1.92 kg
Power handling 250 V AC ~ 16 A / 4000 W
Surge protection Maximum continuous working voltage (Ur): < 1000V
Nominal discharge current (8/20μS) In: 10 KA
Voltage protection level (Up): < 1000 V
Response time (tA): < 25 nS
Insulation resistance (Ris): > 100 MΩ
USB 2 x USB Type A connections
5V / 2.1 A supply (two ports combined)
LED Light Switchable ON/OFF (switch)
Dimmable between 25% and 100%
Max. 70 lumen

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