The FASI is a suction cup pickup with cable and jack, suitable For All Stringed Instruments. Last product born inside of the EKO accessories family.
Designed to amplify acoustic guitars, gypsy guitars, resonator guitars and ukuleles. Very affordable and easy to use solution for people looking for a noninvasive amplification for their instrument.
The suction cup is applied on top of the soundboard so that it adheres at best, if necessary by slightly moistening the suction cup.
Open pore finish does not offer a lot of adhesion. It is recommended to test the FASI prior to purchase with instruments coming with open pore finish.
The device is quickly applied and without affecting, in any way, the structure of the instrument, the cable length and jack make the setup very straightforward.

The positioning of the pickup is easy and allows to discover different timbres by moving the pickup on the soundboard.

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