TOA, Monitor panel, MP-032B

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TOA MP-032B monitor panel


The MP-032B is a monitor panel that is designed to provide aural and visual monitoring for multi-channel sound and program system.

Tehničke specifikacije
Functions Aural/visual monitoring (up to 10 power amplifiers)
Controls Channel selector switch
Monitor volume control
Watt meter
Line voltage selector switch
Speaker Full-range 12 cm speaker
Input Lines 25 V (625 Ω), 50 V (2.5 kΩ), 70 V (5 kΩ), 100 V (10 kΩ) switchable
Terminals M4 screw terminals, distance between barriers: 8.8 mm
Finish Surface-treated steel plate, black
Dimensions 483 (W) × 133 (H) × 87 (D) mm
Weight 2.2 kg
Accessory Rack mounting screw (with washer) ……… 4

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