TOA, Zvučnik drajver 90W/16, HFD-220-16

199,00 KM


Toa zvučnik drajver 90W/16.


Toa zvučnik drajver 90W/16.

Tehničke specifikacije


Power Handling Capacity Continuous Pink Noise

Continuous Program Nominal Impedance

Frequency Response Pressure Sensitivity

800Hz to 5kHz pink noise 4-meter measurement distance referred to
1 meter

Recommended Crossover Frequency

Throat Diameter Polarity

Recommended Horn


Diaphragm Voice Coil

Finish Dimensions

Net Weight Mounting Data

30 watts RMS band-limited pink noise (800Hz to 20kHz)
90 watts
8 ohms (HFD-220-8)

16 ohms (HFD-220-16) 800Hz to 15kHz 110dB/W/m: LE-940 horn

112dB/W/m: LE-640 horn 114dB/W/m: LE-420 horn 108dB/W/m: LE-M124 horn 10SdB/W/m: LE-M94 horn 112dB/W/m: LE-M64 horn 114dB/W/m: LE-M42 horn

800Hz or higher

2" (49mm)
Positive voltage to +terminal produces negative acoustic pressure in the throat

LE-940, LE-640, LE-420
LE-M124, LE-M94, LE-M64, LE-M42

2.4 Ibs. (1.1 kg) Ferrite
Flux density: 19,000 gauss Heat-treated 50-micron duralumin 1.76" (44.6mm) dia., edge-wound copper-clad aluminum ribbon
Black NEW-ALKONE paint
5.98" (152mm) dia.
7.01" (178mm) depth
10.6 Ibs. (4.8kg)
Four studs [0.24" (6mm) dia.] equally spaced on a 4" (101.6mm) dia. circle

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