The Romance 703 is the right decision for ambitious players who want one thing above all: low weight with high flexibility. The accordion weighs only 9.1 kg, but with 42 sounding tones it already has the range of a full-blown piano accordion.With its 3 choirs in the treble, it offers the player plenty of room for creativity, the five-axis button keyboard enables balanced play, and the bass rounds off the accordion with its three timbres.

The Romance 703 is an instrument for all styles of music, and at the same time one that can be taken anywhere. Whether in solo playing or in a group: With the Romance 703 you have everything under control.

Our world champion button accordions are available in B and C handles.

Tehničke speicifikacije
  • 96 basses
  • 60 treble buttons
  • 3-course with 5 treble registers
  • Range in treble: g - f # '' '
  • Bass range: G - d # ''
  • available in B or C handle
  • Step handle with 4 mm height gradation
  • World champion reed plates
  • Additional information

    WEIGHT 7.6 kg
    SIZE 37.2 × 18.2 cm
    MODEL Romance 703 70/96 / III / 5/3, Romance 703 70/96 / III / 5/3 musette
    COLOUR blue perloid, red perloid, black, white perloid
    HANDLE B-handle, C-handle

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