Although portable, the TP-3300 Series Timpani deliver fully professional, world-class sound. They feature aluminum bowls with the same shape as our flagship models, Renaissance heads and hoops that work together to create a deep, sustained tone. The lightweight aluminum bowls and the ease with which the pedals and legs can be retracted make the entire system conveniently compact and portable.

In addition, no effort has been spared in achieving the smoothest, easiest possible operation and adjustment. Castors that allow smooth movement, pedals with a stable operating feel, and leg and pedal height that adjust easily all add up to stress free overall operation.

Tehničke specifikacije
Pitch Range D - Bb
Drum Diameter 32” (81cm)
Overall Width 95cm
Depth 98cm
Height Range 79cm - 82cm
Weight 24kg
Bowl Aluminium
Head Yamaha Remo Renaissance
Tuning Mechanism Pedal Balance Spring System
Included Accessories Tuning Key
Allen Wrench
Key/Wrench Holder
Head Protector

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