10″ dual voice coil subwoofer for low impedance systems

  • Versatile low-impedance subwoofer
  • Sound and size ideally matched to the VXS and VXC series
  • Bass-reflex design ensures smooth, distortion-free low-frequency extension
  • Dual voice coil configuration supports stereo sources
  • Satellite connectors for easy setup
  • Dedicated wall-mount hardware supplied
  • Black and white models available
  • Recommended satellite speakers: VXS3F, VXS5, VXS8, VXC4, VXC6, VXC8, VXC3F
Tehničke Specifikacije
  • *1 Satellite impedance: When connecting 8Ω satellites, the combined impedance is 4Ω (when connecting four satellites) or 3.5Ω (when connecting two satellites).
  • *2 Satellite impedance: Impedance lower limit (per satellite output) VXS10S/10SW: 4Ω, VXS10ST/10STW: 8Ω
  • *3: VXS10S / VXS10ST:Half space (2π), VXS3S:Full-space (4π)
  • *4: Calculated based on power rating and sensitivity, exclusive of power compression

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